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THe Navajo Pursuit

Roadside History meets Modern Luxury


Once upon a time, there was so much Navajo Turquoise, you couldn't get rid of it.  Stunning jewelry in roadside stalls, around the Reservations, or traded cheap at flea markets. Who's going to want this?"  Well, we did

We'd find ourselves in the garages of Navajo dealers, face-to-face with barrels full of vintage Navajo, Turquoise sterling pieces. Can you imagine seeing people collect shovelfuls of Black Onyx, Mother-of-Pearl and Green Turquoise? It used to be like that!

Thankfully, time has been kinder to Navajo craftsmanship,

and today their timeless, silversmith  pieces are highly-prized and sought after.

Rose's Collectibles offers the finest selection of vintage Navajo & Southwestern Turquoise pieces. Our collection spans over 20+ years, and we're always looking for more! Whether it be a museum-quality cuff, ornate Squash Blossom or perfectly inlaid, Sterling Silver ring, we've got you covered!

Our passion for genuine Sterling Silver craftsmanship has propelled us to expand our Vintage Sterling Collection as well. We invite you to explore our multiple storefronts and see if the right piece exists for you  - we'll be impressed it if doesn't!

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